Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hello bloggin world. here comes chort.

We're pretty excited. We'll post all about our wedding when we get more pictures. But for now, here is our old house. It's pretty cute. We live on the first floor. This is a little introduction about my husband. Two days ago we finally met the couple that lives on the second floor. Cort was outside, with his megaphone (don't understand why he has that thing), and he was yelling for our friend KC, who was trying to find our house. Sadly, this was at the same time our neighbors got home. Cort thought the wife was KC, so he put the megaphone right in her face, yelling at her. The wife was checking their mail which is right outside out door. My Cort is so good with first impressions.

This is our living room! Cort made that projector screen a couple days after we moved in.

And here is my cute kitchen. I'm a wife now, so I guess I'll use it. 

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